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Olive oil

Climate conditions set the foundation for the quality the fruit born by an olive tree. At Poderi la Fenice we do not rely only on the ideal natural conditions of Salento. In order to obtain the EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil of an unbeatable quality that we offer to our customers, we put in every possible human effort, beginning with taking meticulous care of the trees and the soil of our olive groves, through to accurate and uncompromising monitoring of every stage of the production cycle. The crops are collected fast in the narrow period of optimal maturity, applying gentle manual methods so as to not damage the trees. The time to transport the olives from the tree to the refinery and containers is reduced to several hours, never more than half a day. Although the production process involves state of the art modern technology, we believe it is our love and respect for the land and its principal treasure - the fruit of the olive tree - that is crucial to attaining the superlative result, that we modestly take pride of.

La Fenice Olio D'Oliva Extra Virgin 250ml

Packaged in glass 250ml

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