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About Cantina

Founded by hereditary winemaker Roberto Tafuro and his wife Ekaterina Novokreshenyh, who decided to bring of the family wine tradition to a new level (2015). The cantina was built from scratch, taking into account all modern technologies. Equipment for the production and storage of wine is one of the newest and most advanced among the cantinas of Puglia. In the production of wines we use the world's best modern practices


Fabio Mecca graduated from the research University of viticulture and winemaking in Conegliano Veneto in 2006. Hi is a hereditary winemaker in the fourth generation. Works with grape on every study of production, aiming to make each wine unique. In 2006 - 2017 he worked with various vine houses in Abruzzo, Compania, Veneto, Lazio, Toscana, Apulia, Calabria. He is being published in leading Italian magazines devoted to winemaking. WineNews three times included Fabio in the list of the best winemakers of Italy. Two wines made by Fabio at each stage of production - Don Anselmo di Paternoster и Il Moscato Passito di Siracena selected in the 100 best wines of Italy. From 2014 he teaches at the faculty of viticulture and winemaking at the Nicolaus Copernicus Institute in Cassino. In 2018 started collaborate with La Fenice . www. fabiomecca.it


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