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Estates La Fenice
Аgricultural company La Fenice enjoys the posession of over 60 hectares of land in Salento, including 7 hectares of vineyard. Our plots are scattered in provinces of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto, all the the region of Puglia. Apart from winemaking, La Fenice is also involved i gardening (fruit production embraces over 30 hectares of gardens, mostly pomegranate, but also lemon and orange groves) from 5 hectares of olive trees we aquire crops permitting to produce extravirgin olive oil of extraordinary quality that has been praised by multiple experts. Apart from that we cultivate wide range of vegetablestypical for this zone: artichokes, tomatoes, watermelons, broccoli, etc. in cooperation with our partner company we have launched the project of reproduction of plants- trees from our plant nursery are both used for our own needs and sold to third parties

LA FENICE Soc. Agricola a.r.l.
P.IVA 04736090756 Address: Via David Ricardo
Zone PIP-73019 Trepuzzi (LE) Italy.
TEL ITALY: + 39 (327) 163-46-93
TEL RUSSIA: + 7 (903) 612-55-09



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