Poderi La Fenice

La Fenice is an agricultural estate located in the very heart of the Salento peninsula in Southern Puglia, the land of sea, sun and wind. Agricultural and, in particular, wine making traditions of Salento date back over three thousand years and are rooted in the special climate of the region.With reference to the ancient greeks who brought wine making to this land, La Fenice takes its name from the greek legend of the Phenix, an eternal being embodied in a bird that arises from the ashes of the past and breathes new life into the world. It is with this approach that we have set up to create our business. The La Fenice estate has been lovingly put together from a myriad of abandoned estates and outdated smaller private vineyards with the commitment to preserve loyalty to traditions of the land while applying modern technologies of responsible agriculture processes. We love this land and have a dream of building an estate that will live up to the rich history that it encapsulates. In addition to producing wine an olive oil of the highest quality, we also grow a selection of fruit and vegetables. All of the our products meet the highest ecological standards and are consistently praised by both market specialists and consumers Виноградники


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