Poderi La Fenice

The winemaking culture of Salento, the peninsula in the South of Italy, «the hill» of the «Italian boot», dates back about three thousand years. The first sprouts of the grapevine were brought to the peninsula by Ancient Greeks, and since then the winemaking flourished at this generous land, enhanced by ideal climatic conditions. Salento has always been renowned for its full-bodied wines with high tannic presence, which become more and more precious as seasons pass. But in the past decades the winemaking industry of Salento certain aspects has fallen victim of extremely favorable weather conditions paired with rigid local mentality, and the technological gap between Salento and its northern peers and the deficit of investment has compromised its market positions. We at La Fenice see our mission to upgrade the technology of winemaking to most prominent international standards, close the existing gap in production culture and get benefit of all the climate opportunities granted to this land. La Fenice has acquired its name from an ancient hero of Greek mythology, the bird Phoenix, which revives from ashes for a new life.



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